From me, to my love

Who knew that I who had mastered all in body and soul would lose wholly and foolishly to an innocent rose like you in a simple tug of war especially that which concerns the dominance of my heart… Alas, there is nothing more crippling than your love, more corrupting than your smile, more potent than your innocence.


Photography 101: Finding the Best Shot — Portrait or Landscape?

Art?! why the hell not…

The Daily Post

Last week, landscape photographer Jeff Sinon introduced the basics of composition and shared techniques on how to look for various elements in a scene. Today, he talks about scouting the best shot and deciding when a portrait or landscape works best for a photograph.

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And i Begin….

This, to me, is a journey-albeit a late one. You can call me Alloy – yes! i am a combination of all, yet i am one. I will be your guide and hopefully we shall complete this journey, together.

Bear with me, because as all true adventures are, there are ups and downs, climaxes and their anti’s, lows and highs… And I, a lover of nature, born by nature am flawed. Not by my choosing, but to the amusement of that which creates me – The Great Artist of Life.

In this path (as I would refer to this blog), there is no boundary to my experiments and I fully intend to dabble in all as i see fit. My fair warning.

Without much ado, we begin…Image