Who knew that I who had mastered

all in body and soul would lose wholly and foolishly

to an innocent rose like you in a simple tug of war

especially that which concerns the dominance of my heart…

there is nothing more crippling than your love,
more corrupting than your smile,
more potent than your innocence.

If home truly is where the heart is…. then there is no doubt in my heart that you are my home.

I never did know how to profess my feelings for you, my love.
It is such affection that corrodes the heart and mauls the brain fervently.
It is indescribable as it is absolute.
It is chilling as it is warm.
It is deadly as it is a life-saver.



Winds in the East
Mist coming in
Like something is brewing,
about to begin.
Cant put my finger,
on what lies in store.
But i feel whats to happen,
will happen before

(Dont know why but i love this poem)