This is January.. The first month of a new year.. It is a slow month (xcept u’r a banker), and as such,
This is the best time to take into account the past year and examine your life so far?
Have I changed? If so, Is it for the better or the worst?
Am I better than I was at this time last year?
What have I learnt all through last year?
What are my plans 4 dis year?
Where do I see myself by this time next year?

These are questions that u need to ask yourself.. If you cannot say that you’ve improved in the past year, then there is a problem.. And the first step to solving this problem is acknowledging the presence of the problem followed by researching on ways to solve your problem. You are not alone, you are xpected to seek advice from friends and family as to find a solution to your problem. Only then can there be hope for you…
Remember, an unexamined life is not worth living.

Do not criticize this note, it is borne out of charity, concern and love.