I kept looking at the ceiling;

Though I couldn’t see it

(It was dark, you see)

But I kept staring nonetheless.

Thinking… Wallowing

Wondering why I was this unfortunate.

Then I thought of the man I saw yesterday.

A young man burdened with such terrible fate,

Deserted by his God and man to suffer by the side of the road

At this, I realized I wasn’t that unfortunate

My predicament compared to his fate was ridiculous

 I was not so much heartbroken at the card fate had dealt me

At that point, I realized, in a certain light- I was fortunate!




Everybody has problems.

It is these problems that make us not want to get out of bed on some days.

It is these problems that make us want to cease living.

These problems are the cause of our moody natures and sorts.

But the problem is…

You never understand how little your problems are until you encounter another’s

An unfortunate soul whose problems are incomparable when compared to yours

It is at such junctures that you begin to appreciate your God

Your Guide in the world who chose not to desert you to such woes.

It is at such junctures that you realise just how fortunate you are

Now what you do after this revelation is up to you

A minority choose to use this knowledge to pursue a greater cause than their own satisfaction;

They readily choose to impact on the less fortunate as well as they can

(Whether it helps or not, I cannot say).

The majority use this knowledge to give themselves hope

They continue in their pursuit of happiness (or a semblance of it)

And try to live as well as they can with the reality of how fortunate providence made them

They are also other lesser minorities that decide to misuse their fortune

They are those who tend not to give a care in the world as regards this

They continue to destroy themselves with no regard to the improvement of their body or soul.

Other also less significant minorities are born with time (the variety of life)

And these too, take whatever path they wish.

All these people follow their paths pointedly (some switch paths over the course of their lives) until that also becomes a problem.

But what are we to do? We are just actors and must play our path in this life after all what would happen to solutions if there were no problems?

I guess they are what people call  ‘necessary evil’.


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