Just Saying…

I have been watching all dis videos abt ppl who kip urging ppl to fight ‘fire with fire’ or ‘leave nd go back to africa’ with regards to the racism abroad, and I just wanted to say…
People are not equal, and they are not the same. There is and will always be difference between humans in one form or another and man as a species will always enforce such divides. Black’s and whites are not the same and can never be. Its just like saying the rich and poor should be the equal – never!
Where I’m from, we are all blacks but there are still ethnic groups which divide us! So if u think you will cum 2 Africa and Africans will just accept u as their own – you’re mistaken. The simple fact that u dnt spik like us makes u different, and man will capitalize on that fact. Even religion divides man. The fact you don’t believe in what I believe makes u a foreigner. So why make a fuss about something that is ordained? If u know a place where racists abound, leave that area and join with people who are similar to you. Don’t go on a revolutionary journey only to get yourself killed! From what I see you all have equal rights, don’t blame a system which is obviously the best system in the world of the hand you have been dealt. Accept your role in society- not as underdogs but as a different community and strive to thrive in your community.
Do you think the Africans that migrate abroad dnt knw abt racism? They do. Truth is, they don’t care – they got their eyes on the prize (the big picture).

your fingers are not equal, your toes are not equal but they each have their roles as part of your body. When you look at a situation and accept it. It can either empower you or destroy you, depending on who you are. I hope this does the former…


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